EliteHealth MSO works with health plans implementing cutting-edge solutions to streamline operations and improve population health


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Maximizing Performance

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Improving Quality of Care


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Coordinating Care


EliteHealth MSO Care Blueprint

A new healthcare market scenario is taking shape presenting greater quality, cost and compliance pressures.
EliteHealth MSO Care Blueprint was designed to streamline operations, optimize quality of care and maximize savings to address these pressures.

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Case management

Case managers are key in their focus on the delivery of quality services

Case managers certainly play a crucial role in today’s health care environment. Among each case manager’s strengths lies the ability to effectively guide the patient through his or her stay, reduce fragmentation in care delivery, and increase the quality of services provided.

Elimination of avoidable days. Elimination of unnecessary consultations and testing. Reduction in readmissions. Coordination with primary care giver.

Med/Nurse Command Center

Coordination of care done right

Getting the right information is vital, and the skills and resources of a trained healthcare professional, such as a nurse, can be one of the most effective ways to get the information a patient needs. Sometimes a quick answer to a health issue, that doesn’t require immediate medical treatment, can be resolved by a qualified nurse.

Coordination of care. Better care evaluation. Faster response. Better patient engagement.

Artificial Intelligence

The future of the optimal care continuum

Revolutionizing the way we assist patients we added the use of Artificial Intelligence to the care continuum through an AI Companion Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice recognition, we empower aging-in-place seniors to be healthier, safer and more independent (Think Siri-for-Seniors). A two-minute call a day to check the health status and overall well-being will reduce incidents associated to unknown declines in health and avoidable hospitalizations in addition to reducing the worry and stress associated with caring for someone.

Prevention & Wellness. Chronic Care Management. Daily follow up communications. True wellness monitoring.

National Paramedic Network

The proactive participation of paramedics is a game changer in the care continuum.

Sending paramedics on house calls to patients who might otherwise end up in the ER is a very effective solution to avoid unnecessary visits to Urgent Care. It is also a way to monitor the patient to avoid hospitalization.

At home evaluation Prevention of unnecessary hospitalization. Avoidance of unnecessary Urgent Care visits. Avoidance of unnecessary E.R. visits